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There comes a time in many of our lives when we need a passport photo, and you want to find a local service that will allow you to look your best in your passport photo without breaking the bank. You need to find a passport photo booth. But, the question is: Where can you find a photo booth that takes UK passport photos? Your local Sainsbury’s, of course! In this blog, we’ll talk about getting a Sainsbury’s passport photo, both how to do it and how to find a branch that offers this service.

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Sainsbury’s passport photo booth

Like all supermarkets, Sainsbury’s has many services on offer in their stores, one of which is a photo booth, which offers passport photos, ID photos and photo printing. So, whether you are getting a new passport or going through passport renewal, which also requires a new photo, you will be able to get your new passport picture at a booth in one of the many Sainsbury’s stores located in the UK and Ireland.

When using a photo booth at your local store there will be presets available, so you can choose the type of photo you are looking for. For a passport photo you will just need to select the passport photo option, which will then give you instructions on how to pose, in order to ensure that the photo will be correct and the passport office will accept it with no issue.

When you have your photo taken the booth will print it on the spot, and you will also be given a digital code that will enable you to go online, and then download a digital copy of the photo. This way you can use the photos to apply for your passport online, or with a paper application.

If you are looking to use a Sainsbury’s photo booth in your local store to take a passport photo for a baby, then you will have to find another way, as unless the baby is able to sit on their own and hold their head straight, while looking at the camera, the passport office will require the photo to be taken again. When babies have passport photos taken they are required to be in the photo alone, and if they can’t sit straight in a booth, they will require additional assistance, such as someone holding them up.

Pricewise you are looking at paying between £5 and £7. The company who develops the photo booth machines has worked in tandem with HM Passport Office, to ensure that the quality of the paper used to print the passport photos is 100% acceptable. Their photo booths even use facial recognition software in order to ensure the photo meets the criteria that has been put in place by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

In order to find your nearest store, and whether or not they have a passport photo booth, you can visit the Sainsbury’s website and use their store locator service. You will also be able to find the store opening times, so you can plan when you’re going to go.

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Sainsbury’s photos and Passport Photo Online

When it comes time to apply for, or renew, a passport and you need to get your passport photos, you have options available to you, you can either go to the Sainsbury’s passport photo booth, a professional or use a passport photo service such as Passport Photo Online. If you want a streamlined way to get your new passport photo, then this latter option is definitely worth trying. With Passport Photo Online, you can get your photo taken anywhere and at any time, and you will get a guarantee that the photo will be accepted by the Passport Office. On average, you can also save up to 54% using this method, and our guarantee means that, if your photo ends up being rejected by the passport authorities, then we’ll refund you for 200% of the money you paid. This shows how confident we are in our process.

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Thanks to being able to take your photo at any time, you can get yourself ready for the photo at home, set your phone, or camera up, take the photo, and have it ready in only a few seconds after uploading it to the app. This way you can look exactly as you want in your passport photo, while following all of the requirements.

You can download the app for Android in the Google Play Store, or for iOS in the Apple App Store.

Sainsbury’s passport photos: FAQ

Does Sainsbury’s have a passport photo booth?

Not every Sainsbury’s store has a photo booth, but most of their superstores do.

Do Sainsbury’s do passport photo printing?

Yes, all Sainsbury’s photo booths give you the option to print out your photo reel at your local store, once it’s ready.

Can you get digital passport photos at Sainsbury’s?

Yes, when taking your photo at a photo booth in Sainsbury’s, you will also be given a code so that you can get your digital pictures online.

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What are the Sainsbury’s passport photo booth locations?

From looking into it, they appear to be located at most of the Sainsbury’s superstores, to find out before you make the journey you can either phone the branch, or use their store locator, to find out in the store details if your local Sainsbury’s has a booth as one of their services.

Is there a Sainsbury’s passport photo booth near me?

If you have a Sainsbury’s superstore near you, then you are sure to have a passport photo booth near you as well. In order to be sure, use the handy store locator on the Sainsbury’s website, input your postcode, and it will show you stores from the closest to the furthest. By using this guide to see the store details you will be able to see where your nearest Sainsbury’s passport photo booth is located.

How much is a passport photo in Sainsbury’s?

Passport photos at Sainsbury’s photo booths cost around £8 (eight), whether printed or digital. If you would like to be sure of the price beforehand, you can phone the Sainsbury’s store you plan on visiting and ask them how much their photo booth costs, you can find the phone number for each store on the store locator section of their website.

What are Sainsbury’s photo printing prices?

In general, ID photos printed from Sainsbury’s will cost between £8 (eight) and £10 (ten), depending on the type of photo you want to buy. Standard passport photos cost around £8 (eight).

Sainsbury’s passport photo – summary

Sainsbury’s has photo booths in most of their superstores, if you wish to find out which store near you has a photo booth, you can use the store locator service on their website. Once you have found out which store has a booth you need to get ready, and travel to the store. The photo booths were designed to ensure you have a stunning photo, printed in just 8 seconds, that is sure to be accepted by the passport office. Alternatively you can use Passport-Photo.Online, which enables you to take your passport photos anywhere, and at any time.


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