42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (2023)

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  1. 1. Hanging Bunk Beds
  2. 2. No Ladder Bunk Bed
  3. 3. Loft-Style Bunk Bed
  4. 4. Triple Bunk Beds
  5. 5. Classic Looking Bunk Bed
  6. 6. Simple and Robust Bunk Bed
  7. 7. Junior Loft Bed For Younger Children
  8. 8. Detachable Bunk Beds
  9. 9. Loft Bed For Your Princess
  10. 10. Triple Bunk Bed Facing Different Directions
  11. 11. Floating Bunk Bed
  12. 12. Double Bunk Beds
  13. 13. Bunk Bed and a Sliding Trundle
  14. 14. Fold-able Bunk Beds
  15. 15. Triple Bunk Bed Plan
  16. 16. Curtained Bunk Bed
  17. 17. Easy to Build, Attach, and Detach Bunk Bed
  18. 18. A Cottage Loft Bed
  19. 19. Elaborate Bunk Bed for the Little Girls
  20. 20. Sturdy Bunk Bed
  21. 21. A Bunk Bed for a Cramped Space
  22. 22. Castle Loft-Style Bunk Bed with Multiple Features
  23. 23. A Simpler Bunk Bed with Multiple Features
  24. 24. A Modular Bunk Bed
  25. 25. A Bunk Bed for the Minimalist
  26. 26. A Bunk Bed with Just One Leg!
  27. 27. A Bunk Bed or a Bus?
  28. 28. Loft-Style Bunk Bed for Aspiring Firefighters
  29. 29. Converting The Crib Into a Loft Bed
  30. 30. A Simplistic Loft Bunk Bed
  31. 31. Kenwood Bunk Bed
  32. 32. Making a Low Loft Bunk Bed
  33. 33. Low Loft Bunk Bed with Desk
  34. 34. Additional Loft Bunk Bed to Your Pre-existing Bed
  35. 35. A House Skeleton as Your Bunk Bed
  36. 36. Cabinet Bunk Beds for Your Toddler
  37. 37. Industrial Style Bunk Bed
  38. 38. Built-in Bunk Beds with an Elegant Look
  39. 39. Bunk Bed with Cabinets
  40. 40. Playing with Curves and Straight Lines
  41. 41. Built-in Bunk beds
  42. 42. Built-in Bunk Beds with Unique Ladder Concept
  43. 43) Bunk Bed Frame Made from Wooden Pallets
  44. Conclusion

Gazebo Plans

Gazebo Plans

Just like other houses, yours may also have limited rooms. This can be areal problem for families whose children are already growing, as it is almostimpossible for all of them to fit in a single room and a single bed.

The best solution for this is to make them bunk beds. They may not havetheir own room, but at least they don’t compete for sleeping space, right?

Here are some nice bunk bed plans that you can also make for yourchildren so that they’ll have a bed that complements with the room design.

1. Hanging Bunk Beds

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (1)

Most beds (even bunkbeds) make use of walls for support. The same is true with this kind of bunkbed.

However, what made thisbunk bed unique is that it appears to be hanging. That’s because it only hasone beam to support both beds and is pushed to the wall so that it is stable.

(Video) Easy Double Bunk Beds // Woodworking How To | I Like To Make Stuff

There’s no need to worry,though, as those who made this bunk bed plan ensured that it is indeed stable.

Another great thing about this bunk bed plan is that it also had somestyle to it. This is because of the edge rail and ladder that looks like it wasmade from old pipes.

The unique style of the ladder and edge rail, and its seemingly hanging look definitely deserves a spot in this list.

2. No Ladder Bunk Bed

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (2)

One possible problem thatcan be encountered for bunk beds is that the ladder is placed on the sides.This only means that it can only be positioned on one side of the room so thatit can be used.

But what if you alreadyhave your things on that side of the room where it is supposed to be placed?This will force you to move stuff so that your bed can be accommodated.

With this bed, thatproblem is already solved! That’s because the beams of the bunk bed double as the ladder!

With this kind of bed,you can place it on any side of the room.No more “relocation” of your stuff just so you can use the ladder.

Being made of wood, thisbunk bed is sturdy and will surely not create squeaking sounds when changingyour sleeping position.

3. Loft-Style Bunk Bed

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (3)

For families with girls,this loft-style bunk bed is preferable. They feel like “princesses in a hightower” with this kind of bed.

Another great benefit ofa loft-style bed is that it is easier to climb. From this photo, it’s easy tosee that getting to the top isn’t a problem because the ladder iswell-supported.

It also gives thechildren a play space at the bottom of the bed. If your kid doesn’t have toomany toys, it can even be used for her other stuff such as clothes and evenschool-related materials.

The bed itself is alsosecured, as it has enough edge rails to prevent your children from falling offwhile sleeping. The whole bed is also made of wood, which is known for being asturdy material.

(Video) Loft Bed - Make It With Menards

Since the bed frame has ageneric look, it can also be used by boys, too!

4. Triple Bunk Beds

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (4)

Bunk beds are commonlyseen having only two beds. But what if you suddenly have a third kid that’sgrowing up fast and would want to have their own bed?

This is when you’ll needto construct a triple bunk bed.

This bunk bed made use ofthe available space in the middle of the two bunk beds so that a bed can beinstalled in it. The initial ladder serves as the beams for that bed, making itsturdy as well.

Even with the addition ofthe middle bunk bed, the bottom bunk still has enough vertical clearance sothat the one using it will not get his head damaged.

This bed is a greatoption if you can’t afford to buy a bigger bed for your child’s room. There’salso no impression that one is the favorite because he/she is given a separate (orspecial) bed.

5. Classic Looking Bunk Bed

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (5)

For those who want tokeep things simple and elegant, this bunk bed plan is for you.

The simple design of thisbunk bed makes it easy for anyone to make it with the help of the plans found on their website. Even beginners can nail thisone in no time because it does not have any elaborate designs.

Another thing to noteabout this bunk bed is the classic look that it gives. The wood is simplyvarnished so that it has an “age-old” appeal, making it look like it’s beenpassed on to you.

The top bunk also hasenough protection in case your child rolls around a lot while they sleep. Therisk of falling is almost prevented.

The classic look of thebed is also friendly to both boys and girls, as the room wouldn’t look likeit’s owned by the opposite gender.

6. Simple and Robust Bunk Bed

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (6)
(Video) Building Rustic Bunk Beds: Off Grid Log Cabin

Want to DIY but don’thave tools to cut the wood so that it has the right size? Then this bunk bedplan is for you.

In the making of thisbunk bed, the maker mentioned that he had the lumber store cut the wood for thesize that he needs those to be. This helped him save time and even preventedthe risk that goes along with cutting it himself.

He also made sure thatthe bunk bed is sturdy by making use of screws to bind pieces together. He alsoglued some parts together along with screwing those for extra protection and amore robust final product.

He also painted the bunkbed so that it will not look plain, which is great if this will be used by hiskids. He can even paint it using different colors depending on what his kidsprefer!

7. Junior Loft Bed For Younger Children

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (7)

Many parents don’tconsider letting their children sleep in a bunk bed because there is apossibility for them to fall while climbing the stairs. This loft bed plansolves that problem.

In this version of theloft-style bunk bed, the frame is painted to complement what your childrenwant. You can also modify the style in their room so that it somehow follows atheme.

Another good thing aboutthis bed bunk plan is that the ladder itself is secured. This is a great featurefor toddlers who would want access to the top bunk.

The bottom space also hasa different design compared to usual loft beds. With this bed frame, the bottomspace can be made to look like a small playroom for your children.

These features are morethan enough for it to be included in this list.

8. Detachable Bunk Beds

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (8)

Bunk beds are a spacesaver since they make use of vertical space so that two or more people. Butwhat if there is additional space that the kids can use even if they haveseparate beds?

With this bunk bed plan,it is now possible to utilize that additional space and let them experience thefeeling of having separate beds!

This is a great featurefor a bunk bed, as it gives the parents the option to detach them in case thechildren will be given their own rooms in the future. There’s no need to buyseparate beds and make it look like the bunk bed is wasted.


The blocks in the beamsserve as ladder steps as well. Even if the actual ladder isn’t attached afterthe beds are detached and re-attached, the one occupying the top bunk can stillget to his space just fine.

9. Loft Bed For Your Princess

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (9)

Little girls areconsidered to be princesses in any family. This explains why many families dowhat they can in order for their child to feel this way – and this includesarranging their room in a certain way.

But one sure way to dothis is to build them a “castle” inside their room. Just fashion your kid’sbunk bed to have this look so that theirroom is fitting for a princess.

This bunk bed has a saferladder compared to the usual bunk bed ladder. Even a much younger princess willbe able to reach the top of their castle and not fall.

The bottom area is alsospacious enough for your princess to occupy. It’s as if they really aresleeping inside a castle if the bed happens to be placed in that area.

These features are whatmade us include it in our list.

10. Triple Bunk Bed Facing Different Directions

42 Bunk Bed DIY Plans | Cut The Wood (10)

This bunk bed plan is notreally new. After all, the triple bunk bed has already been mentioned.

However, this bunk bedprovides a different look if compared to other triple bunk beds. To those whoalso want to make a triple bunk bed for their kids, this is one other optionthat they can consider.

Another thing that is newto this bunk bed plan is that even though it appears to have no beams, itactually does have them while the beds are attached to the wall. This allowsthe beds (especially the middle and top bunks) to be sturdy.

The middle and top bunksare also protected well thanks to the edge rails installed in them. This willensure that nobody will fall on the floor while they sleep.

The gap between thebottom and middle bunks can also be used for storage of your kids’ possessions.


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