4 ways Windows people get MacOS wrong (2023)

4 ways Windows people get MacOS wrong (1)

Back in the day, there used to be a lot of debate about which operating system was better. Linux, Windows, and MacOS all had their staunch fans. But over the years, as each OS just got better and better, the fanboy battles seemed to fade away. Thankfully.

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Personally, I use all three -- each for its own purpose. Today, my main productivity computer is a Mac, mostly because I use a few software tools that only run on Macs.

I use my Windows machine to run my CNC and for applications that don't run well on Macs.

When I had time for gaming, I also used a Windows machine for those Triple-A gaming titles that only work well on PCs. And I use Linux to run my servers -- both at home driving my 3D printers, and in the cloud hosting my websites.

Folks coming from other operating systems don't always have the ability to see everything that's available to get their jobs done, especially when those capabilities come from the wider ecosystem, rather than the OS vendor.

MacOS, with its very rich developer community, is often the subject of misconceptions and misunderstandings. I recently read an article from a Windows user entitled, "I wanted to love macOS for a change, but I now appreciate Windows even more," that spotlights some things users miss when they first try Apple's OS.

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For the record, I don't "love" any of the operating systems. Some days, I wish I could escape away from computers completely, disconnect from all things digital, and go live in a nice yurt in the woods. I'm betting my editor is, right now, trying to decide whether to leave this paragraph in, all the while nodding in agreement with the sentiment. We've all felt that way.

Let's get started.

Claim: Missing app preview

App preview is a handy Windows feature where, when you hover over a dock icon for an actively running application, a little preview is shown. In the case of media apps like Spotify, the preview window also provides playback controls.

The article's writer says, "When I listen to Spotify, I am so used to using the play, pause, forward, and backward buttons from that tiny thumbnail preview. It is so convenient that way versus how macOS does it."

(Video) Here's why I'm officially quitting Apple Laptops.

The article complains that this feature is not available on the Mac. This is technically true, in that the feature doesn't come with MacOS itself. But as Stardock demonstrated back in the Windows world, folks will often pay for add-on tools that customize their computing experience. I think I bought every utility Stardock ever sold.

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In the Mac's case, there's a little $10 add-on called HyperDock. Once installed, it just works. As long as you visit an application once, HyperDock can display a thumbnail. Below, you can see how ZDNET, my development environment, and Spotify all have very nice previews. And Spotify even has those playback control buttons.

Claim: Missing clipboard history

Another point the writer laments is the lack of a clipboard history feature in MacOS. They say that Windows keeps a record of items you cut or copy, so you can go back later and paste a previously cut item, even if it's not the most recent.

The writer says, "Windows saves them in the Clipboard until you turn off your PC. In macOS Ventura or any previous version of the OS, you can only see the most recent text you have copied. Despite being exorbitantly priced, it is a shame that a Mac does not offer a decent first-party clipboard management tool."

As it turns out, there are quite a few excellent clipboard management tools for the Mac. If the writer has already blown their budget on an "exorbitantly priced" Mac Mini (which is what the writer bought), I'd recommend a fine add-on called ClipTools, which is a free download from the Mac App Store.

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And, for the record, an M2 Mac Mini can be had for as little as $599, which provides a whole lot of bang for the buck compared to most any PC at that price and performance point.

4 ways Windows people get MacOS wrong (3)

The Mac has long had a bunch of really excellent clipboard management add-ons. When I need to cut and paste a sequence of items, I use a $12.99 tool called Pastebot. Another tool I use is Unclutter. This $20 add-on provides a very quick way to manage notes, clips, and files. I use it to jot down notes while I'm coding and because the notes drop down from the menu bar, they're never in the way.

(Video) DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE with Windows on your M1 Mac!

Claim: Missing multitasking

So this one is baffling. And I'll be honest. I can't figure out where the writer got this from: "macOS Ventura does not allow you to use more than two apps at the same time."

Okay. So. Wow.

You can use so many apps at once on the Mac that it can freeze your brain. Obviously, the amount of RAM you have in your system has some influence on this, but I used a 16GB M1 Mac as my main development machine for a few years and often had ten or more applications open at once. Coding requires a lot of tools to run, and even a Mac with 16GB gets it done.

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I'm now running a Mac Studio with 64GB RAM and haven't found anything that slows me down, not even doing multi-stream 4K video editing while also doing 3D modeling, image editing, and coding -- all at once.

4 ways Windows people get MacOS wrong (4)

Even iPads are no longer limited to two apps. The Apple Silicon iPads allow two side-by-side apps to be open, and a third through a slide-out sidebar. With Stage Manager, Apple Silicon iPads can run four apps at once.

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I've been trying to figure out how the writer might have been so wrong about the number of apps that can run on the Mac and the only thing I can come up with is he used the side-by-side Split View interface exclusively.

But Split View doesn't happen organically when you open an application. You have to explicitly tell the apps to tile. So I can't imagine the writer never figured out that multiple windows open up since it's nearly impossible to not open multiple windows.

Claim: The missing link

Windows supports a helpful feature called Phone Link that allows Samsung Galaxy phones and Windows PCs to talk to each other. It allows messages, calls, notifications, and files to sync. Microsoft says the feature is limited to Samsung phones, but the writer says that a subset of features is available to other Android phones as well.

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The article does acknowledge that "macOS and iPhone work great together, too," but states, "I strongly feel Apple should also make necessary compromises to let Microsoft bring the 'Phone Link' experience to the Apple ecosystem."

(Video) Why Mac is better than Windows *10 Reasons*

Apple's version of Phone Link is Continuity. Continuity provides a ton of features that work across the entire ecosystem. Perhaps the one I use most is a shared clipboard. I'll often cut or copy something on my iPhone and paste it on my Mac. But there are a bunch of shared features. The most notable addition to Ventura is the ability to use the iPhone camera as a webcam.

4 ways Windows people get MacOS wrong (5)

What the writer is saying, though, is that there is a form of ecosystem lock. This is true on both Mac and Windows. Windows doesn't support Phone Link for iPhones, for example. And Apple doesn't support Continuity for Android phones.

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I think most users wish that wasn't the case, but competition being what it is, I don't expect we'll see any substantial cross-platform cooperation any time soon.

Final thoughts

We're no longer in the fanboy OS wars, and so I don't think the writer of the article in question made these claims to cheerlead Windows users. Instead, I think the writer genuinely wanted to learn to love MacOS, but due to lack of domain-specific knowledge, didn't know how to get some things done.

This goes to one of the great benefits of the Mac. It has a very rich library of aftermarket developer-created tools that modify and extend the user experience. Every time I find I need some new functionality, there's usually a great little utility that can get it done for me. Yes, ten bucks here, twelve bucks there, and twenty bucks over there add up, but when I'm trying to save time or get a deliverable to a client in an impossibly short period of time, it's well worth the cost for the extra minutes each tool buys me.

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With the exception of programs that only run on one operating system or another, you can get everything you need to get done on each of the three main OSs. What you use is a matter of your own personal choice and needs.

But before you dismiss any OS as incapable, do some research. Perhaps with a bit of Googling, our forlorn Windows writer could have found more about the Mac to love.

Or maybe we should all just give it up and go live in a yurt.

You can follow my day-to-day project updates on social media. Be sure to follow me on Twitter at @DavidGewirtz, on Facebook at Facebook.com/DavidGewirtz, on Instagram at Instagram.com/DavidGewirtz, and on YouTube at YouTube.com/DavidGewirtzTV.


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Why macOS is better than Windows? ›

In general, Macs are known for their user-friendliness and approachability. They are considered to be more intuitive than Windows. While the way your iPad/iPhone and MacBook work may differ slightly, they are very similar, so it would be easy to adjust to the computer.

How is macOS different from Windows? ›

It is the second most used operating system in personal computers after Windows. The first version of macOS was launched by Apple in 2001.
Difference between Windows and macOS.
It is for workstation, personal computers, media center, tablets and embedded systems.Its target system type is workstation, personal computers and embedded systems.
10 more rows
Jan 28, 2022

Which is better Windows or macOS? ›

In many cases, the two operating systems are at parity, but overall Windows comes out ahead. Nevertheless, you'll have your own priority weights based on your OS needs. For example, if gaming is everything to you, then Windows is a no-brainer. If you're a creative type, then you're likely better off with a Mac.

Why PC is better than Mac? ›

PCs are more easily upgraded and have more options for different components. A Mac, if it's upgradeable, can upgrade only memory and the storage drive. A PC user can select from many motherboards, processors, storage drives, video cards, graphics cards, audio cards, and memory.

Why should I switch from Windows to Mac? ›

Mac is built to last: When compared to a Windows PC, Mac has a longer lifespan. Apple has the advantage of its hardware and software being optimised for each other, thus runs smoothly without having to worry about compatibility issues as seen on Windows.

Why is Mac faster than Windows? ›

PCs slow down more than Macs because of major differences between the operating systems. Unlike Windows, macOS doesn't have a registry filled with keys from unused programs that slow down the computer. Moreover, macOS is better optimized for Mac hardware and gets less malware.

What can Macs do that Windows can t? ›

Edit Currently Open Files

One of the annoying things about a Windows PC is how it won't let you edit, rename, or move files you currently have open. As a Windows user, you might have thought that this was something all computers did. But on a Mac, you can still edit files you have open.

What is the disadvantage of MacOS? ›

It has been established that one of the drawbacks of macOS is that it is inherently attached to a Mac computer. This drawback also speaks of another disadvantage: limited hardware upgrade options. For example, some of the hardware components of a MacBook or an iMac such as the CPU or RAM cannot be upgraded easily.

What is one main difference between Mac and PC? ›

Microsoft Windows supports both touch screens and the familiar keyboard and mouse setup, so it is available on desktops, laptops, and tablets. MacOS doesn't support touch screens, so it is only available on iOS devices. The Mac has a connected relationship with the iPhone and the iPad.

Why is Mac safer than Windows? ›

“Macs are generally more secure than Windows machines to start, and because of that people are often encouraged to be complacent around installing security software and other monitoring, and there is less competition from other criminals,” warned Aurora.

Are Macs still safer than Windows? ›

Macs are frequently seen as more secure than PCs, but no internet-connected device is completely immune to threats. Macs have historically faced fewer attacks in part because they were less popular than Windows-based PCs, so cybercriminals simply didn't target them.

What lasts longer Windows or Mac? ›

However, you can generally expect a PC laptop, a MacBook Air, or a MacBook Pro to last 3 to 5 years. Similarly, a PC user and an Apple user can both anticipate their desktops will last 5 to 8 years.

Do programmers prefer Mac or PC? ›

This brings the need to be able to switch between the different operating systems and that is why the MacBook is the preferred machine of choice for programmers. Another important thing to note is that it is impossible to create any programs for iOS or OS X using a Windows computer.

Is an HP better than a Mac? ›

The Apple is better than the HP in nearly all aspects, like a sharper and brighter display, a more comfortable keyboard, a larger touchpad, and a webcam with better video quality. The Apple also has significantly better CPU and GPU performance, and its battery lasts much longer.

Is it difficult to switch from Windows to Mac? ›

Transferring data from a PC to a Mac isn't complicated, but it does require Windows Migration Assistant. These step-by-step instructions make it simple to move all your files. Once you've transferred all your basics, you can get to work downloading the software for your business's needs.

What to consider when switching from PC to Mac? ›

The Ultimate Guide on Switching from a PC to a Mac
  1. Familiarize yourself with the Mac OS (Operating System). ...
  2. List down all the applications you need. ...
  3. Know how to migrate your files. ...
  4. Learn to set the right-click on a Mac.
  5. Be ready to mess up your muscle memory. ...
  6. Back up your data prior to switching.
Jan 17, 2017

Why do old Macs slow down? ›

Why is my Mac running slow? Your Mac might be slow because of an outdated operating system or a full hard disk — especially if you have an older model Mac. If your Mac is new, it might be slow because you're running too many background programs and apps or even have a malware infection.

Is A Mac good for gaming? ›

Macs make excellent computers from a professional standpoint and are great for productivity, but they simply aren't designed to be gaming computers.

Why Windows 11 is better than Mac? ›

Computers running on Windows also have a greater degree of customization compared to Apple's. You're free to change a PC's CPU, GPU, memory and storage far easier than you can with an Apple device – if you can even customize said Apple product at all.

How difficult is it for a Windows user to use Mac? ›

Using a Mac isn't difficult. In fact, they're generally seen as being more user friendly than Windows PCs. But if you've never used one before, then there is a bit of a learning curve, especially if you're accustomed to Windows.

Why Mac doesn't get a virus but Windows run computers do? ›

Traditionally, Macs have been less vulnerable than Windows computers – this is mainly because cybercriminals have focused most of their efforts on creating malware for Windows machines, as they make up the bulk of the market and therefore offer more opportunity.

What does Apple use instead of Word? ›

Pages is a powerful word processor that lets you create stunning documents, and comes included with most Apple devices.

Why was the Mac a failure? ›

“The problem was a fundamental one: It was a dazzling but woefully slow and underpowered computer, and no amount of hoopla could mask that,” Isaacson wrote. The Macintosh shipped with only 128K of memory, compared with the 1,000K RAM in the Lisa. It also lacked an internal hard drive, at Jobs' insistence.

What are the biggest threats to a PC and Mac? ›

One of the biggest issues faced by both Mac and PC users involves browser security. Internet Explorer and Safari have both proven problematic in this regard. Browser vulnerably comes through 3 channels: the browser itself, add-ons, and plug-ins, sometimes called extensions.

Does macOS have end of life? ›

Support Ending November 30, 2022

In keeping with Apple's release cycle, we anticipate, macOS 10.15 Catalina will no longer receive security updates starting in November 2022. As a result, we are phasing out software support for all computers running macOS 10.15 Catalina and will end support on November 30, 2022.

What are the 5 differences between PCs and Macs? ›

5 Differences Between Macs And PCs
  • Aesthetic Features. PCs are manufactured by a wide variety of companies. ...
  • Gaming Capabilities. For those who plan to use a computer mostly for gaming, a PC is a better choice. ...
  • Hardware Choices. ...
  • Customer Support. ...
  • Malware And Virus Safety.

What is a Mac slang? ›

Mac in American English

(mæk ) noun. Slang. fellow. used as a general term of address for a man or boy.

Why aren t Macs called PC? ›

Today, when PC is used to talk about a computer, it usually is referring to an IBM-compatible computer. By this definition, a Mac computer is not a PC, as it is not IBM-compatible. PC is still an abbreviation for personal computer at times, however, in most cases it is referring to the IBM-compatible type of computer.

Are Macs harder to hack? ›

The Mac is no more difficult to hack than the PC, but hackers get much more bang for their hacking buck attacking Windows. So, you're safer on a Mac...for now." "Mac, because there's much, much less malware out there that targets a Mac."

What is the safest computer? ›

What Is the Most Secure OS? 5 Secure PC Operating Systems to Consider
  1. Qubes OS. Qubes OS is an open-source, privacy-focused Linux distro that aims to provide security by isolation. ...
  2. macOS Monterey. ...
  3. Windows 11. ...
  4. OpenBSD. ...
  5. Whonix.
Sep 10, 2022

Is iPhone safer than Mac? ›

Apple has said that Mac is intrinsically less secure than the iPhone and iPad, but there's quite a bit you can do to shore up your digital defenses on macOS. Here are some good places to start.

Do Macs get viruses easily? ›

While it's true Macs are more secure than PCs, they're still vulnerable to viruses, and they always have been. By design, the Mac operating system is more secure against the threat of viruses and malware, but there are still plenty of ways for malware to find its way in.

Do Macs ever get viruses? ›

Yes, Macs can get viruses and other forms of malware. Despite the built-in security features of macOS, Mac viruses can still infect Apple computers. While Macs offer pretty strong protection against known viruses and other malware, they remain more vulnerable to new and emerging virus strains.

Why is Windows more prone to viruses than Mac? ›

There are more PC users than Mac users, and therefore greater return on things like phishing and malware campaigns. Historically, this has given Mac users 'security through minority. ' Macs aren't inherently more secure than PCs, there are just less of them to target in the wild.

Which is cheaper Mac or Windows? ›

Macs can cost more than PCs. MacBook laptops from Apple start at $999 and go up from there depending on needs. Apple's strategy for Mac has always been to build computers with high-end, modern specs that are designed to last a long time.

Will Windows 10 last forever? ›

Microsoft will continue to support at least one Windows 10 release until October 14, 2025.

What operating system do most developers use? ›

Most software developers worldwide report the use of Windows operating system as their preferred development environment, as of 2021. Apple's macOS comes in third with 44 percent, behind the 47 percent of developers preferring Linux.

Which laptop is best for coding? ›

The 4 Best Laptops For Programming - Winter 2023 Reviews
  • Best Laptop For Programming. Apple MacBook Pro 16 (2021) SEE PRICE. ...
  • Best Upper Mid-Range Laptop For Programming. Framework Laptop (2022) SEARCH. ...
  • Best Mid-Range Laptop For Programming. Acer Swift 3 14 (2020) ...
  • Best Budget Laptop For Programming. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15 (2021)
Dec 19, 2022

Why are MacBooks so popular? ›

MacBook is user-friendly

Apple is well-known for the user-friendliness of its products. MacOS works intuitively and all options and programs are easy to find. Especially when you're used to the Apple ecosystem because you already have an iPhone or iPad, for example. All products by Apple work well together.

What can a Mac do while sleeping? ›

If your Mac is plugged into AC and taking a Power Nap, it will also do the following:
  1. Software updates are download.
  2. Mac App Store items (including software updates), download in the background.
  3. Time Machine performs backups.
  4. Spotlight performs indexing.
  5. Help Center content updates.
Apr 9, 2021

What are common Mac problems? ›

15 Common Mac Problems and Solutions on Mac Repair
  • Part 1. Accidentally Deleted Files or Lost Important Data.
  • Part 2. MacOS Could Not Be Installed on the Computer.
  • Part 3. Mac Running Slow.
  • Part 4. Mac Won't Turn On.
  • Part 5. Mac Black Screen.
  • Part 6. MacBook Stuck on Apple Logo.
  • Part 7. Startup Disk Full on Mac.
  • Part 8.

What is killing my Mac? ›

  • How to work out what's slowing down your Mac.
  • You're running low on RAM.
  • Your hard drive is too full.
  • There are too many files on your desktop.
  • You have apps storing too many log files and caches.
  • Your browser has too many extensions installed.
  • You have too many browser tabs open.
  • You have malware on your Mac.
Mar 25, 2021

Why is a PC better than a Mac? ›

If you're looking for more memory and storage options, enhanced security, fast response times, and great performance, a PC is going to provide that right off the bat, giving you more for your investment. The latest Macs are likely to require you to buy extra add-ons that will quickly start to add up.

Is Apple better than Microsoft? ›

Apple and Microsoft are both great companies to own. However, just like how you may choose a Mac over a PC (or vice versa), which is a 'better' company boils down to your personal preference. Apple is a leader in consumer tech and hardware, while Microsoft is a frontrunner in software and cloud.

Are Macs worth the money? ›

Takeaway. We think MacBooks are worth it, especially considering their durability and performance. Still, you need to do your own research and think about what you will use it for: basic usage, programming, gaming, graphic design, communication, video editing, and so on.

What are the benefits of macOS? ›

macOS comes with an entire suite of beautifully designed apps. It works hand in hand with iCloud to keep photos, documents and other stuff up to date on all your devices. It makes your Mac work like magic with your iPhone and other Apple devices. And it's been built from the ground up with privacy and security in mind.

Why is macOS so popular? ›

Apple is well-known for the user-friendliness of its products. MacOS works intuitively and all options and programs are easy to find. Especially when you're used to the Apple ecosystem because you already have an iPhone or iPad, for example. All products by Apple work well together.

Is macOS more productive than Windows? ›

IBM has found that 22% more macOS users exceeded expectations in their performance reviews compared to their Windows-using coworkers. And with the right management and security, Macs allow for secure, encrypted connections and instant access to productivity apps— no matter where your employees work.

What are the disadvantages of using Mac? ›

Top-7 Major MacBook Disadvantages
  • Pricey. Macbook have so many unique features, but the price is always an issue with all Apple products. ...
  • Limited Software Support. ...
  • Restricted Hardware Upgrades. ...
  • Limited Storage. ...
  • Inadequate Computing Proficiency. ...
  • Outdated Screen Display. ...
  • Outdated Webcam Resolution.

What are the disadvantages of Windows? ›

Disadvantages are as follows: High Resource Requirements: By comparison, Microsoft wants its consumers to spend the most in their computer hardware, as compared to the manufacturers of other systems: faster processor (CPU), more internal memory, and a larger disk.

What are the disadvantages of macOS? ›

It has been established that one of the drawbacks of macOS is that it is inherently attached to a Mac computer. This drawback also speaks of another disadvantage: limited hardware upgrade options. For example, some of the hardware components of a MacBook or an iMac such as the CPU or RAM cannot be upgraded easily.

Which is more user friendly Mac or Windows? ›

Mac is easier to use and learn as it offers a simple layout for users. It is also considered more intuitive than Windows, which enhances friendliness and approachability.

Is HP or Mac better? ›

The Apple is better than the HP in nearly all aspects, like a sharper and brighter display, a more comfortable keyboard, a larger touchpad, and a webcam with better video quality. The Apple also has significantly better CPU and GPU performance, and its battery lasts much longer.

What percent of programmers use Mac? ›

PC operating system distribution for software development worldwide in 2018 to 2021
Feb 21, 2022

Which OS is most successful? ›

Microsoft's Windows is the most widely used computer operating system in the world, accounting for 70.68 percent share of the desktop, tablet, and console OS market in August 2022.


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