10 Types of Video Content that Attract the Most Viewers (2023)

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According to Google, six out of ten people prefer watching video online to watching TV while an Insivia study found that mobile video consumption is growing by a massive 100% every year. That’s the consumer side of video. How about the business side?

HubSpot found that in 2018, 81% of businesses were using video as a marketing tool compared to 63% from the previous year.

These stats show that video, especially mobile video, is ballooning, and businesses are starting to take notice. Have you taken notice? Have you started experimenting with video?

If so, here’s a handy list of ten types of video content that will attract more views.

1. Product Videos

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Product videos create an emotional connection between a product and consumers. They are so popular that Blendtec’s “Will it Blend?” product videos have over 200 million views on YouTube and the campaign named the topmost viral marketing campaign of all time.

2. Interviews

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Both Bloomberg and Wells Fargo leverage the popularity of The David Rubenstein Show, in which the host, who is the billionaire founder of the Carlyle Group, interviews notable personalities.

Short, helpful and playful animated explainer videos have grown in eminence as a marketing tool and website attraction. A Wyzowl State of Video Marketing survey found that 81% of businesses that use explainer videos on their homepage see an increase in sales.

4. Testimonials

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Testimonial videos drive views because they come across as unbiased and peer-focused. Social Fresh found that of all content types, customer testimonials ranked highest in effectiveness.

5. Tutorial Video Content

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Short, practical how-to tutorial or training videos are all the rage. According to Google, how-to searches have grown over 140% over the last 13 years. This explains the rise of channels like iFixit, which uses tutorial videos to market its various repair tools.

6. Reviews

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Unboxing videos are a popular type of review videos. By offering viewers a visual experience of new phones and other gadgets, MKBHD has managed to amass a YouTube following of close to eight million subscribers.

The DailyVee is a daily vlog (short for video blog) published by Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube, arguably one of the most influential social media marketing influencers. From his own admission, Gary published upwards of sixty pieces of content each day, most as repurposed content from his daily vlog.

8. Webinars

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People are always hungry for in-depth information about either your products or topics around your products. Help Scout uses monthly webinars to educate their users and potential clients on topics around customer success.

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9. Live Streaming

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In a survey, Livestream found that 80% of respondents preferred watching a brand live stream than reading a brand’s blog. Whether you are live streaming an event, presentation or behind the scenes footage, live streaming can help you grow your viewership significantly.

10. Events

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Product launches, new office location openings, major announcements, networking events are all great opportunities to shoot event-based video. Apple events have everyone tuned in and engaged. You too can create such engagement with an event video.

A common thread in all these video types is quality content. To shine and attract more viewers, you will need to invest in developing quality content. If you do not have the in-house skills, you can choose to work with an explainer video production company like Creamy Animation. What is clear, however, is that the importance of video in marketing is rapidly growing and businesses that make the most of this tool stand to reap handsomely in the coming years.

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Larry Mutenda is the Founder and Creative Director at Creamy Animation. Larry is a multi-talented designer with over 20 years experience in advertising and marketing, and has a passion for fine art and design.

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